Sunday, March 29, 2015
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What does our $80 Flat Rate Bee Removal Include?

    Extermination or humane removal of any single bee colony on your property:

    This is the most important step of having an active colony of bees on your property. It doesn't take long for them to get out of hand and potentialy become a danger. Inexperienced or improper treatment can result in injuries to not only the person attempting to treat the bees but also to anyone within a 100 yard radius, this is what you see on the news all the time. 

    Never seal bees into a wall or attic of your home. I cannot express this point enough this is one of the worst thing you can do and can result in the bees finding a way inside your home. When bees are treated inside of a wall or an attic our main goal is to drive the bees out of the home we never seal bees in a wall or attic of a home.

    Inspection of property for any other active colonies:

    We will provide a thorough inspection of your property to make sure there is no other honey bee swarms or established bee colonies on your property. 

    Professional bee prevention recommendations:

    While we are inspecting the property we will give recommendation's on what measures need to be taken to prevent future bee swarms from finding other spot's to make a home on your property. 

    If honeycomb removal is needed we will provide you with a quote:

    If Honeycomb is present we will provide you with a free quote on what it would it would cost to have the honeycomb removed and the entire area sanitized and mask off all pheromones left behind by the bees. Which will also include full repair and sealing of the area (and painted when paint is provided). All of our honeycomb removals come with a 3 year warranty. We do all of the work ourselves we never sub out any of our work and we are confident and take pride in our work and this is why we can offer a 3 year warranty.

    Most of all you get honest, professional Bee Removal at an affordable price:

    We are a family owned, owner operated Bee Removal company. Our main goal is to keep you and your family safe and provide professional bee control service at an affordable price. We are very experienced in Africanized bee control and we provide service for schools as well as businesses and real estate offices all over the Phoenix Metro area.

    No 3rd parties - Owner operated:

    We do not have anyone answer our phones for us this insures Phoenix Bee Removal customers get the professional advice that they need to keep them and their family safe until we arrive to take care of the bee problem. We do not use scare tactics to raise our prices and will never tell you bees are Africanized and you are in danger, we will tell you to stay away from the bees and always consider the bees dangerous. Bees do not look to hurt people unless they feel threatened so just stay clear of them and you will be fine. 

Our $80 Dollar Flat Rate Bee Control Service is offered Mon-Fri and is only $120 on most Weekends

$80 Flat Rate Africanized Bee Control

We offer Africanized Bee Removal at the same low $80 price. Just because the bees are Africanized and a lot more aggressive doesn't mean you should be charged more to have them taking care of. Africanized honey bees are still beneficial to the environment no matter how aggressive they are and in some cases can be captured, relocated and re-queened to produce a much less aggressive European honey bee.

This why we try to get across the message you do not have to pay hundreds or even thousands to get Africanized bees removed. Don't fall for the scare tactics and don't think a africanized bee colony that has just arrived is looking to hurt someone same rules apply stay away and Call us and get some advise. If you have a hive and are not sure how long they have been there this is where it becomes a lot more dangerous. They were there before you noticed them and didn't hurt anyone so there is no need to panic just stay away and give us a Call.


  • Stay away from the bees!!! Keep kids, pets, landscapers, maintanance men and anyone else away from the bees certain smells or sounds can send the bees into a defensive mode and Africanized bees will attack in large numbers.
  • Do not panic and make an appointment with the first place you Call shop around, don't hire a pest control company to do a beekeepers job it will cost you in the end.
  • NEVER give your credit card info over the phone before the job is done or the tech arrives most companies cancellation fees are 3-4 times more than what we charge for actually doing the job.
  • Licensed pest control operators may attempt to control bees using pesticides, but most are not trained in bee control, and frequently drive the bees deeper into your home or just have them start back up in a couple weeks.

Be Sure To Check Out Our Africanized Honey Bee Page


Phoenix Honey Bee Swarm Removal

LEAVE THE BEE SWARMS ALONE!!! Honeybee swarms are completely different then established hives. If you have a Swarm on a tree, bush or shrub around your house they are just resting up. If they are not endangering anyone LEAVE THEM BEE!!

Swarms for the most part are not aggressive when left alone and it is not always necessary to have them killed or removed.Honey Bee Swarm at Sunset Most swarms will land in trees on a branch and resemble a football or basketball. 90% of the time they do this it is to rest during their migration and are quite often mistaken for a hive. A honey bee Swarm can consist of thousand's of bee's and be very intimidating when they arrive as well as when they leave it all can happen within minutes and most of the time unoticed. Leave them alone for 24 to 72 hours and chances are they will go away on there own.

After a Swarm leaves take a look around your property to make sure they didn't get to comfortable and decide to move in. If they land on the structure of your home or are coming and going in an eave or into the stucco or siding etc. or there is visible honeycomb on any structure around your property like a tuff shed then they do need to be removed PROPERLY by Bee Removal experts. Otherwise save yourself some money and save some Honey Bee Swarm at Sunsetbees at the same time.

Now why would I say all this because Pest Control Companies are killing millions of bees unnecessarly every year. Don't be another victim to unnecessary pest control and harmful chemicals. Get the message out that "not all swarms need to be removed or exterminated and not all the valleys bees are Africanized". Now if you have a Swarm on your property and are concerned someone might antagonize the bees like school kids or that the bees might be a danger to the public then give us a Call and we will talk you through your options and do our best to get your problem resolved.