Friday, March 27, 2015
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Phoenix Metro Area Cities

avondale-tThe City of Avondale is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, the population of the city is 81,299. Avondale is the home of Phoenix International Raceway, a famous auto racing facility. Westview High School, La Joya Community High School, and Agua Fria High School are large high schools in Avondale.

Lying on the outskirts South West of Phoenix, Avondale is not the busiest of towns when it comes to bees however it has it's share just like the rest of the Valley. We have had A lot of large Full Bee Hive Removals in Avondale in the past couple years mostly in foreclosed homes.

Avondale has a high population of bees during the spring and summer months. All the new homes give the bees perfect opportunity to move into walls and attics under shed's etc. also all the swimming pools make great watar sources for the bee's.

All of our "Full Hive Removals" come with our "3 Year Guarantee" what that means is that if you ever get Bees back in same spot we will come back and get them out for FREE that's our "Honey Bee Guarantee"

Swarm Removals and Established Bee Hive Treatments come with a 30 day guarantee. If we come out to your home or business and advise you that you have honeycomb in a wall or attic of your property and you choose not to have it removed we can only give a 30 day guarantee. The simple reason being, if you have an established beehive on your property and don't have it removed  a new colony will smell it  and move in. Also this is Arizona and the honey in that wall or attic will melt and can lead to thousands of dollars in restoration and repairs.

Get all your Bee Control Problem's solved with a company that knows what they're  doing. We are Beekeepers doing Bee Removals and Bee Control in Arizona this is what we are good at and we strive to be the BEST at what we do. Just give us a Call with any questions and we will do the best we can to get your bee problem solved. We will not treat you like another number you are our customers/clients, we are an Owner Operated Company and EVERY customer counts and we pride ourselves on that fact.

Bee Control is a very tricky business and a  novice trying to get rid of Bees can lead to someone being seriously injured or worse. It can also lead to a lot of unnecessary damage to your home and property not to mention a huge headache as well. That's why we keep our prices affordable and we dont take advantage of a dangerous situation. Dependability, Honesty and most of all Affordable that is what Phoenix Bee Removal LLC is all about. We stand behind every job we do with pride and it shows.

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