Sunday, March 29, 2015
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gilbert-tGilbert is a young, affluent community in central Arizona. Incorporated on July 6, 1920, Gilbert is a relatively new community that has seen tremendous growth during the past two decades. The 2009 Gilbert Community Profile provides a broad overview of this growing town and metropolitan area, including demo-graphics, business resources, and community resources. It is an excellent reference for businesses and residents alike.

Gilbert has a very high Bee population in the early Sping and Summer Months with a very high amount of them being swarms looking for a new place to live. Honey Bee swarms should never be disturbed or unessecerily killed 90% of the time you have a Swarm in your tree or bush they will move on within 72 hours. Sometimes these swarms can be in and out within a matter of minutes. Bees are not agressive when they are swarming like this although having one arrive in your yard is no picnic either and most often will be followed by panic and assuming they are killer Bees. If you have a honeybee Swarm land in, on, or around your home or business give us a Call and we will be glad to talk with you about your Bee problem.

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